Who Opposes Rail Passenger Service?


By Noel T. Braymer

An annoyance of supporting improved Rail Passenger service are the critics who will do and say anything to try to kill rail projects. Quite often what these critics claims are not supported by reality. Yet these opponents seem to get plenty of attention from the media. So who are these folks? Why are they so against better rail service and alternatives to jammed roads, crowded airports and faster and more relaxing travel. Or for that matter the economic development that comes with improved rail passenger service? Lets look at the usual suspects.

1). NIMBY’s

Nimby’s or Not In My Back Yard. People will often tell the press that they are not opposed to rail passenger service, they just don’t want it near to where they live. It is not so much that they are opposed to rail service, as they are opposed to any changes in…

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