Quick Meal :Brown rice w/honey,lime,ginger thighs Recipe. 


Just got done making dinner for my kids. steps.. It’s delicious and my boy enjoys it:)

1. Rinse out the thighs and pat dry

2. Then marinate for 10-15 min the thighs with honey,garlic ,ginger , salt /pepper ,lime juice, and olive oil .

3. Medium heat the pan , then cook thighs until they are done.

4. Steam brown rice on the side

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It’s a Guy Thing

No Facilities

For the love of beer The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

“Hi Cheryl, did he leave already?”

“Nope, he hasn’t been in all week.”

“That’s weird. Oh well, I guess I’ll start without him.”

“House Lager?”


“Here ya go. I’ll be sure to tell your buddy how concerned you were.”

“It’s a guy thing, Cheryl. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s more like I just assume he’s busy.”

“You sure it isn’t that you don’t care? You could call him.”

“We call each other sometimes. Just the other night I was busting him about that UConn game.”

“Whoa, I’m five minutes late and you’re halfway through a beer. I hope that’s on your tab.”

“Nope, that’s the price of being late. I was worried.”

“Some wine? And he wasn’t worried.”

“I know what he means Cheryl. It’s a guy thing.”

“A guy thing? It sounds like, if you got…

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Letters to the Power Plant #41 — July 4th at Dell

Power Plant Men

After I left the power plant and went to work for Dell on August 20, 2001, I wrote letters back to my friends at the plant letting them know how things were going.  This is the forty first letter I wrote.  Keep in mind that at the time when I originally penned this letter I didn’t intend on it being posted online.

07/05/02 – July 4th at Dell

Dear Friends from Sooner Plant,

It has been a couple of weeks since I have written, and I know everyone is wondering what happened to me. (as if anyone REALLY cares).  Well.  Last week I was in training all week.

No.  It wasn’t SQL training.  I have had enough of that.  I started my project this Monday using all my extensive SQL knowledge.  —  Last week I took a course called “Mastering MFC development using Visual C++”. (I know this sounds…

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Why Wait to Travel?

Victim Of The Travel Bug

The last several months as I start to plan my next trip I’ve been bombarded with questions ranging anywhere from how do I manage to travel like I do, how can I afford to travel as I do, how am I not afraid to travel in today’s world, or my personal favorite, do I not just enjoy staying at home?
Granted, there is some truth to the not staying home question. I’m guilty of holing up in my house and bingewatching Netflix with my son some weekends. Nothing is better than your old familiar pillow right? But, as a general rule I don’t like to be cooped up indoors. There areway too many in this world to discover to just sit at the house. Luckily, my son has the same curiosity with the worldas I do so he is always ready to go anywhere we can think of.

Sometimes the…

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