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We are in the process of updating our railroad WebSite

Part of this includes the Central New England Railway. We did not invent this: it all came to us from Bernie Rudberg. Bernie was the ultimate railfan…….about the Central New England Railway. He started the revival of the Hopewell Junction Railroad Station and promoted the  Walkway Over the Poughkeepsie Bridge. He ran annual tours over the Central New England Railway.

But Google/Alphabet decided to squash Bernie because his WebPages were not “friendly” to  IPHONES and other “portable” users.

Well, here we are.

Some fantastic photos from Bernie. Photo credits from famous railroad photographers

J. W. Swanberg

Lee Beaujon

Roger Liller

Fran Donovan

Bob Lord

Others come from the “Tour Guides” he published.

Still others are NIMKE

R.W. Nimke published books a long time ago. His series on the Central New England Railway goes for over $600 on ebay.

Well the picture I liked best is wierd.

No credit but  railroad related (railroad bridge in center).

The ESSO station, the old man dressed like my great-grandfather, the couple on bridge not worrying about a train coming.

Each to his own

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How Aerosmith Got Me Into Music


There’s this scene in the TV-show Freaks and Geeks where Daniel, the thoroughly charismatic high-school outcast, has one of those days in which everything seems to go wrong. After getting into fights with both his mother and his girlfriend he arrives home with his newly-acquired Damaged LP. He sits on the bedroom floor with headphones on, Black Flag’s menacing punk blasting into his ears. A zoom-in on his face reveals astonishment and excitement, like he’s finally discovered something to connect to. Something to be part of, something that he had been searching for his whole life.

The idea of rock ‘n’ roll offering escapism and comfort in one’s darkest and loneliest moments in in no way new. Some might say that’s what it’s always been about. Yet I can’t help but empathize every time I see this happen to someone – be it a famous person, a total stranger, or…

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