More powerful than fear

The Monster in Your Closet

My older son greeted me at the door as I got home from work.

“Guess what?” he asked, continuing before I had time to guess anything. “Daddy got lots of movies in the mail today!”

(This is his daddy‘s first year receiving Academy Awards movie screeners.)

“Oh?” I asked Li’l D as I offloaded my bags.

“Yeah! He got–”

“I got five movies in three packages,” Anthony finished. “The first is A Monster Calls, and then–”

“Wait, what? You got that?! It’s not out until next year!”

“Mm-hmm,” he said, before trying to continue his list.

“I’m sorry, hon, but from A Monster Calls, it’s all downhill.”

See, I wrote in July how deeply the book A Monster Calls moved me.

Revisiting that post now, my heart is absolutely overflowing to see its conclusion.

I’m believing it (again) a little more each day, but all the same, it’s good to…

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