First Hand Account – after Peleliu

Pacific Paratrooper

Bruce Watkins, Monty Montgomery & Steve Stasiak Bruce Watkins (Commander), Monty Montgomery (platoon Sgt.) & Steve Stasiak (guide)

INTRODUCTION: The following is a chapter taken from “Brothers in Battle” by R. Bruce Watkins. This book was written for the benefit of his children, grandchildren, and friends who have an interest in the events of World War II as he saw them. It reflects his personal experience as a platoon leader in E CO/ 2ND Battalion/1st Marines at Peleliu. He also served as company commander of E Co on Okinawa. Bruce dedicated his book to “My Brothers, those undaunted Marines, who followed me without hesitation into the very jaws of death.” [Pictures below are some of these men.]

We don’t often hear what happens after the men fight, the followingis what Bruce Watkins remembered after the battle:

Bruce Watkins Bruce Watkins

Chapter V

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As we filed off the Tryon to our old bivouac at…

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