Sunlight & friends

The Monster in Your Closet

Something delightful happened after I deleted my Instagram account last month: I stopped thinking of my friends as the two-dimensional representations they share there, and started remembering them as who my heart knows them to be.

I hadn’t even realized I’d been boiling them down to their most superficial selves until I was no longer doing it.

Since then, I’ve had a growing longing to be with friends in person.

My heart’s shouted at me that human bodies are meant to congregate.

Yesterday morning, my family and I joined several friends for brunch at Long Beach’s The Social List.

As I opened the restaurant door, I almost started crying to see Ra, Emily, Mike, Amelia, and Kris sitting together, illuminated by mid-morning sunlight. Actually seeing my friends live, in all their glorious, full dimensions, instantly did my heart wonders.

Two hours sitting with them was fuel that’ll keep me running for a…

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