Ball Is Life: Windy City’s Spaniards


Last week, I mentioned that I was part of a basketball network at Purdue University Northwest. Apparently, some people within this unofficial fraternity has experienced some unbelievable moments and rare opportunities. A prime example of this is my good friend Angel Martin de Soto, who was the personal assistant of Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic. I’ve known Angel since 2011 when he first came to the United States from Spain.

He’s one of the best all-around basketball players I ever played with (intramural basketball teammates). From his home country of Spain, Angel has been playing basketball since the age of six. He has played with the youth teams of Unicaja Malaga, one of the Top 5 teams in Spain. Angel has also played 4 years semi-pro in the 3rd Division in Spain.

If you don’t know, Nikola Mirotic is from Spain as well. The 6 foot 10 inch forward was…

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Kind & Bold

Today I am going to play a memory game. I am going to tell you about how my week was since last Tuesday. Let’s see how much I could remember. This got me into thinking and it dragged me into the last 6 days. It’s so blank now. I don’t remember anything on top of my head what I did last Wednesday so I moved on to Thursday. I am thinking hard, and trying to remember what I did last Thursday. I am trying to hint my mind by asking questions like, was I happy? Did I do something that made feel happy? Did I meet a new person? Was I angry about something? How was my day at work? Meh… My memory is not responding well to my hints. Let me move on to Friday, here you go I remember about one thing from Thursday. I spoke to my…

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