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As the Tenth Anniversary of Barataria approaches, we will be featuring posts from long ago which contain themes which carry through to today.  Organizing in a changing world is probably the most critical concept all around.  The standard position of this blog is that everything good comes at a “strong half-step back” – far enough away to have some perspective but close enough to keep your hands dirty.  This is an example of that in practice from 2010.

Organizations that thrive in a changing world all have one thing in common – a strong strategic focus.  They know their objectives and strategy very well and communicate them effectively.  What is less obvious is that a good strategic plan comes from individual people.  It takes a lot of skill and a little planning to work it up into a real plan, but there is never any substitute for the old “walk…

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Denver Winter Park Express ski train A Success, Amtrak Says

The new Winter Park Express weekend Amtrak train between Denver Union Station and the high-country ski resort has seen more than 15,000 passengers since it started on Jan. 7.

The train runs Saturdays and Sundays through March 26, with an extra train added to the schedule on Monday, Feb. 20 — President’s Day.

The success of the train — the result of a partnership between Amtrak, Winter Park Resort, the Colorado Department of Transportation and the nonprofit Colorado Rail Passenger Association — has surprised many.

“The fact that there are 15,000 people who have done this, and we’re half-way through the season — the number is eye-popping,” said Marc Magliari, an Amtrak spokesman.

Saturday trains frequently are sold-out events, Magliari said.

Five of the first six Saturdays have sold out and the remaining weekends in February and March are selling fast, according to Amtrak.

Steve Hurlbert, a spokesman for Winter Park Resort, said resort officials are “stunned” by the numbers.

“Amtrak does this kind of thing for a living and knows the metrics. We’re blown away,” Hurlbert said. “We knew it would be popular but the fact that we’re only half-way through the season and we’re at 15,000 people is incredible.”

The train’s schedule calls for leaving Denver Union Station on weekends, plus Presidents’ Day, about 7 a.m. and arriving at Winter Park between 8:30 and 9 a.m. It leaves the resort about 4:30, arriving back in Denver shortly after 6 p.m.

The train’s special platform, with heated coils embedded in the concrete to combat ice and snow, is about 50 paces from the first lifts.

But the train isn’t only popular with skiers, Hurlbert said.

“We’re seeing lodging pick up on the weekends and we have more non-skiers coming up,” he said.

Each train can hold more than 500 people, and on average “a little more than 100” of the people on the Saturday morning trains are spending the night, Hurlbert said.

CenturyLink signed on as a sponsor of the train service, and new sponsors have also joined, including Noosa Yoghurt, Clif Bar and Koelbel & Co. real estate company.

Waters Autism Artist Scam

Candy Waters Autism Art - SCAM?

In the past few days there has been an exceptional surge of visits to this blog after Sandy’s posts on her Facebook pages alleging Candy is being cyberbullied, due to critics expressing their opinions on a self-published book recently released on Amazon. Many of her own followers have turned here for information in the wake of being blocked for simply asking a question or pointing out that no one was “bullying” the teen in their reviews of the book.

Many concerned consumers began researching everything for themselves. There is more information available on that matter in the form of videos here:

*NOTE: We are not affiliated with the publishers of that page.

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