The First Madness: Teams and Obligations

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Writing is a strange thing.  There’s so many times when you sit down to write when you don’t really feel like writing, that you wonder if you’re going to produce anything worthwhile.  Then you sit down and surprise yourself.  You might not write a lot, but what is written is satisfying.  And sometimes satisfying is the best thing that we, as writers, can produce.

I was sort of in that mood last night.  I was back from dinner and watching The Doors, which I hadn’t seen in a while, and didn’t think I’d get in much writing before hitting the sack.  So I started in on the scene and before I knew it I had close to seven hundred words written before going to sleep.  That’s how it goes sometimes:  you just start to writing and it comes to you.  And even though I’m not hitting a thousand words…

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The Bad News For Infrastructure And Extreme Weather


By Noel T. Braymer

The bad news is weather is getting more extreme with each passing year. That’s not my opinion. The insurance companies which cover storm and wildfire damages have been seeing the number and amounts for claims going up every year in the last few years as weather has become more extreme. Extreme weather runs from extreme heat to extreme cold often at unseasonable times of the year. Just as extreme are long periods of drought turning into periods of heavy rains and snowfall. Extreme weather is taking an increasing toll on infrastructure such as dams, roads, pipelines, electrical grid and railroads. Recent rains in California has caused damage to railroads which has forced reductions of service this February.

With more stress on our infrastructure comes the other problem of years of deferring maintenance of our infrastructure. In the case of rail infrastructure, this is mostly privately owned…

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