Manual mode or Autopilot mode

Extracting Value

How often do we :

  • Action  without thinking  and no rationalization behind our actions ?
  • Gct on something without thinking then we regret our decision ?
  • Get home from work and we simply switch off ( going on autopilot ) and do things without logic  ?
  • Find ourselves that time is flying away like crazy and we feel like we haven’t done anything ?

If you found yourself answering yes  or  often  to any of these questions then this is a good time to work on it  .

The autopilot mode prohibits evolution and  promotes comfort , the ordinary or instant gratification . Routine and food  , media  are the main influences for you to fall into autopilot .

There are millions of people in this planet who believe this is a normal state of mind and do not fight to get out of it . Switching to manual implies…

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