Life is all about PAIN


Saponaria ( Soap-wort )

Inside the shades of pink

Deeper and deeper I sink

I am no me,within a blink !

Magnolia( Magnoliaceae )

That magical aura

Cosmopolitan Sophora

Magnolia Grandiflora !

Ixora ( West Indian Jasmine )

Sweet like jasmine

Weather like spring

Variations it bring !

Linaria ( Snapdragon Family )

Life is a dark-purple

Marks like an hour-circle

Seeks love eternal !

Echinacea( Cone Flower )

Sorts of magic in cone

Souls are already blown

Desires and dreams have grown !

Silene( Carnation Family )

Memories are data

Thoughts are chordata

Your smile is Silene Colarata !

#-Meanings-Of-Your-SMILES-In-My-Dictionary-# !!!

#Haikus #poetry #thoughts

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Its Difficult To See Eye To Eye (Another Lonely Update)

The Lonely Author

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First, I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful comments after my last post.  They made me smile and filled me with the desire to return to blogging and my writing.

I hope you and yours are well.

In a few hours, I will be on the operating table once again. My right eye has not healed properly and the retina has begun to re-detach itself once again. In conversations with my doctor I suggested crazy glue, but she other ideas.

Thank you for all of your well wishes, kind words, and patience,  I hope to return sometime in April.

Keep writing.

Keep smiling.

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The Valley of Spices

{Image Source: Courtesy of Google Image}

flowers-sky-clouyds-grass-field-colorful-nature-lovely-pretty-hills-beautiful-wildflowers-meadow-landscape-mountain-nice-flower-wallpaper-garden-1366x768Whispers of the sun on the windy breeze

Carries colored blossoms through the valley. 

Sweetened scent, the very essence of youth

With mint and cinnamon hovering on the loose.

On the wings of life to gaze beyond

The melody adorns the listening heart.

Freedom to melt in the mingled spices,

With the sun rays it always rises.

Blending together

The aromas of Earth.

Embracing the sweet breath.

 A life of pungent choice to release.


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Goodbye 67. Hello 68!

Ann's Corner

So now I’m 68.
Just like that.
I’m amazed I am still here….

It was my birthday on Thursday and I am writing this on Saturday. I have not blogged for a while. Life has just been a bit hard around here and I slipped into a small pool of depression.


There have been deaths in my Kyuquot family. Two dear ones left this world on the same day, a brother and a sister, both with cancer. They had a double wedding, many double anniversaries, and then passed away within minutes of each other. It was a double funeral.


Another fellow had slipped away a few weeks before this, and three more I know of are dealing with cancer, one young man who has been given only a week or two to live. These events have affected me deeply.

Then my birthday arrived. A new friend in the building called…

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Photo depicts Veteran Lying On The Floor While Waiting For Help At Durham North Carolina VA

Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world


Photo depicts veteran lying on ground while waiting at VA

 Blaine Tolison

PHOTO: The McMenamins

A couple posted photos on Facebook and said veterans waited for hours in pain inside the Durham VA Medical Center.

Stephen McMenamin, a former U.S. Marine, was there for treatment, and his wife took the pictures.

“My wife found it upsetting, so she took a couple pictures,” he said.

He said a veteran on the ground was using his bag of medication for a pillow after being denied an available reclining chair.

“The nurse started yelling at him, telling him he can’t do that. He’s like, ‘I can’t get up and I won’t get up. I will be here until you can see me. Can I please have a blanket?’”…

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