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58b5bc2952d5b-imageMontro Wright, Lamont Wright, George O’Donnell & Michael Ruth58b5bc20b3fa7-imageEmcee Brent Lewis58b5bc21a71a4-image58b5bc2650bd6-imageJohn ‘Bluey’ Thomas, Jerry Harris & Montro Wright58b5bc2511317-imageLamont Wright58b5bc279d12d-imageJoey Horney58b5bc274beba-imageMontro Wright58b5bc255def2-imageMichael Ruth58b5bc245d199-imageCharles Bryan and Lewis Carter58b5bc27ed2f0-imageKaren Harris Oertel58b5bc26ef1e5-imageGeorge O’Donnell58b5bc25ec81a-imageJohn ‘Bluey’ Thomas & Jerry Harris58b5bc23b1463-image58b5bc23635f1-image58b5bc2310f01-image58b5bc2261a3e-imageBill Benton & Chesapeake Bay Artifacts

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Your Breakthrough Is In Your Presence

Rebekka Lien


How do you deal with uncertainties? Life is full of unknowns.

God often surprises me by destroying plans I had, even for Christmas. I might have assumed something but then those plans are easily pulled away from me. This week I woke up with horrible vertigo and puking. Yes, it was awful. I thought I was going to die and I prayed really hard. The sickness came and went, tried to come back again, but finally left.

I was grateful. It humbled me as well. Sickness is humbling. It reminds you, you are fragile, weak. 

I felt that the puking was like a cleanse to the negativity in my life. I realized it also stemmed from my not eating when I would get hungry. Deep down, I had some insecurities about my recent inability to exercise and was afraid that I was gaining weight. But I think deep down I…

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How to Sell Beer in 2017

This Is Why I'm Drunk


It’s a tough time to be a “big” brewer.

AB InBev and MillerCoors continue to watch as flagship brands slowly decline in sales, but some legacy craft breweries are suffering as well. Sales of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale (2.8 percent) and Torpedo IPA (2.3 percent) are down. Sam Adams continues to face a free fall for Boston Lager, declining nearly 12 percent in 2016.

Diagnosing the problem points to a host of symptoms, from longtime brands going stale among consumers who always want something new to the rise in importance of what’s “local.”

“If [consumers] have two [beers] they feel are equal, and one’s local and one’s not local, that’s an important part to the decision for two-thirds of craft purchasers,” Brewers Association economist Bart Watson recently mentioned at a Brewbound Session in San Diego.

So what are these Big Boys of beer to do? Follow the lead of…

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When life gets intense

Dearest Someone,

It’s very difficult to articulate that stomach-twisting feeling of helplessness, and loss when life gets intense. For me there’s nothing I fear more than my loved ones being in pain. When my family are fighting just to get back to normality, to kick the stress of illness, and all the curve-balls that life throws, that’s when it becomes unbearable to see things clearly. It’s a haze, an encapsulating wave of fear, stress, panic and a horrible reminder of how insignificant your actions can be in terms of fighting the crap that this world can throw at you and those whom you love.

It’s no lie that when things start getting stressful life throws a heck of a lot more stress at you. Whether that’s because you’re already feeling sensitive to the destructive nature of the world; things beyond your control you start noticing, you give more energy to the rubbish…

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