Video courtesy of QACTV and George Harvey

All pictures courtesy of The Bay Times & Doug Bishop:

58b5bc2952d5b-imageMontro Wright, Lamont Wright, George O’Donnell & Michael Ruth58b5bc20b3fa7-imageEmcee Brent Lewis58b5bc21a71a4-image58b5bc2650bd6-imageJohn ‘Bluey’ Thomas, Jerry Harris & Montro Wright58b5bc2511317-imageLamont Wright58b5bc279d12d-imageJoey Horney58b5bc274beba-imageMontro Wright58b5bc255def2-imageMichael Ruth58b5bc245d199-imageCharles Bryan and Lewis Carter58b5bc27ed2f0-imageKaren Harris Oertel58b5bc26ef1e5-imageGeorge O’Donnell58b5bc25ec81a-imageJohn ‘Bluey’ Thomas & Jerry Harris58b5bc23b1463-image58b5bc23635f1-image58b5bc2310f01-image58b5bc2261a3e-imageBill Benton & Chesapeake Bay Artifacts

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