When life gets intense

Dearest Someone,

It’s very difficult to articulate that stomach-twisting feeling of helplessness, and loss when life gets intense. For me there’s nothing I fear more than my loved ones being in pain. When my family are fighting just to get back to normality, to kick the stress of illness, and all the curve-balls that life throws, that’s when it becomes unbearable to see things clearly. It’s a haze, an encapsulating wave of fear, stress, panic and a horrible reminder of how insignificant your actions can be in terms of fighting the crap that this world can throw at you and those whom you love.

It’s no lie that when things start getting stressful life throws a heck of a lot more stress at you. Whether that’s because you’re already feeling sensitive to the destructive nature of the world; things beyond your control you start noticing, you give more energy to the rubbish…

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