A heart wrenching story of love, betrayal and friendship – “The Kite Runner”


Nothing ever did that I read, touched me this deeply enough, and made me wish, If I could do something to change a part in the story. The tale is so strongly narrated, at some time I believed, it was happening for real.

A shatteringstory focusing on friendship and describing the human experiences : shame, love, guilt, regret, friendship, forgiveness and penance ina way that cannot be dis-remembered for a long time.


“The Kite Runner” is story of two boys, Ali and Hassan, growing up together, who are from
complete different backgrounds. The narrator presents himself as the main character “Ali” and describes the story that occurs in a span of some 30 years. The story also describes thestrong relationship between Ali and his Father, who is successful merchant and a well known man in Kabul.

Ali belongs to a very well known family in Kabul, Afghanistan, his father…

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