We Don’t Have Enough Construction Workers to Build Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Bloomberg View Mar 1, 2017
The construction labor market at current wages is tight and has been tightening for the past several years. Last summer, when construction unemployment was at its seasonal low, there were only around 400,000 unemployed construction workers. This is around the lowest level we’ve seen for construction unemployment since the late 1990s. So if we’re going to get an unprecedented amount of construction employment growth, they’re going to have to come from other industries, outside the labor force, or abroad.
Immigrant labor, particularly undocumented workers, represent a significant proportion of the construction labor force. Bloomberg reported last week that up to 1.1 million construction workers in the U.S. are undocumented, so stepping up deportations would deplete an already-too-small construction labor pool.

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Theresa May: Social Care Crisis? What Crisis?

Soft Left Politics

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Will the Prime Minister accept that there is a crisis in social care?’

Theresa May: ‘I’ve consistently said we recognise the pressures… It’s not just about funding.’

Crisis? What Crisis?

This was Jeremy Corbyn’s best PMQs in memory.

Corbyn asked ‘is she saying that frail elderly people are less valuable if they are in [low income areas]?’ Well perhaps not explicitly, but that is the effect of her policy (the 3% Council Tax precept). Areas with higher levels of complex needs and service demand tend to be the ones with the smallest revenue raising capacity and it is the elderly and disabled in such areas who will struggle, whilst those in wealthy areas will do better. Vulnerable in a poor area? Sorry, you’re not worth this government’s intervention.

What’s more, this funding model is unsustainble and unfair. Council tax is regressive – that is it hits the pockets…

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Start the Year Right

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Happy New Year! In this time of turmoil it’s hard to say what the turn of the calendar will bring. Yet it remains true that life is what we make of it.

Barataria promises to dedicate itself to spreading as much peace, brotherhood, and happiness as possible in 2017. We’re all going to need it. Someone has to lead the way – which is just what this piece is about.

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