Langmusi: The Tibetan Lady and the Pear

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Third part of three: To understand the TWAF phenomenon please read Part 2 first >here<

LangmusiAs the day moves on I proceed down the valley to Namo Gorge. Damn it! My super irritating habit of not buying something I need when walking past a shop has meant that I’ve no water at all, and at this altitude I’m seriously parched.

Just before the gorge is a beautiful tranquil flat grassy area with the river babbling nearby. Numerous water powered prayer wheels in stilted boxes quietly squeak away over yonder.

Langmusi Just beyond the temple is the way on to Namo Gorge and the grove

Giving myself time to decide if I want to go any further while being this thirsty, I sit against a tree in a quiet grove trying to contain my inward annoyance. Then, out of the corner of my eye I spot a woman raise her phone up…

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Tor And The FBI

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I’m going to point out that the big mistake was made by the people who assumed that use of TOR would allow them to remain anonymous.  What they need to understand is that TOR is a utility that is funded by the State Dept. of the US government and created by the US Navy.  Which might give you pause if yo think that you can avoid the interest of US law enforcement forever.  While in this case it was child porn, I imagine that all illegal interactions on TOR are becoming roundtuits for the various US and international law enforcement agencies as the use of TOR for things like ransomware, dark markets and things like playpen, have gotten out of hand in recent years.

The FBI has withdrawn from this case to avoid revealing the methods…

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Here’s why the future of the Caltrain Corridor is so important


Information from Curbed SF Mar 2, 2017 and Streetsblog Los Angeles (blog)-Feb 27, 2017

The electrification of commuter rail service between San Jose and San Francisco was all but ready to begin construction when Donald Trump’s transportation secretary, Elaine Chao, pulled the rug out from under the project earlier this month..

When California Republicans convinced the Department of Transportation to hold off on a $647 million federal grant for the transit corridor’s electrification plan, they did more than stall transportation progress for the region. The delay would put thousands of new jobs and much-needed housing projects on hold indefinitely. It’s not hyperbolic to say that the future economic growth of California stands in peril.

This is worrisome, to say the least. So much so that Caltrain created a petition on the White House site, urging the current administration to reverse course. But it’s about more than simply moving forward with…

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