Langmusi: The Tibetan Lady and the Pear

Just Turn Left

Third part of three: To understand the TWAF phenomenon please read Part 2 first >here<

LangmusiAs the day moves on I proceed down the valley to Namo Gorge. Damn it! My super irritating habit of not buying something I need when walking past a shop has meant that I’ve no water at all, and at this altitude I’m seriously parched.

Just before the gorge is a beautiful tranquil flat grassy area with the river babbling nearby. Numerous water powered prayer wheels in stilted boxes quietly squeak away over yonder.

Langmusi Just beyond the temple is the way on to Namo Gorge and the grove

Giving myself time to decide if I want to go any further while being this thirsty, I sit against a tree in a quiet grove trying to contain my inward annoyance. Then, out of the corner of my eye I spot a woman raise her phone up…

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