Phil Everly Remembered

The Immortal Jukebox

Phil Everly’s physical voice was stilled three years ago.

Yet his voice on record and in the hearts of generations of listeners now and to come will surely never be stilled.

The keen in his and Don’s voices cuts deep. And deeper with the years.

So, its a rare week when I don’t find myself humming an Everly Brother’s song as I go about my daily life.

Phil and Don’s divine harmonies continue to strike chords in my heart.

Today, in his honour, a Reblog of one of the earliest posts on The Immortal Jukebox.

One where I felt my own voice called by Phil’s.

I hope I have done him justice.

There is a magical moment during the Everly Brothers celebrated and triumphant reunion concert at The Albert Hall in 1983 which goes some way to explaining the source of their enduring appeal.

After opening with a heart warming…

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So… how have you been?

History Present

I hope all has been well? Quite a bit has happened since I last posted, way back on January 28th. Back in December an old friend, and former client, approached me with an opportunity. He had started his own successful company many years ago. In an effort to continue what he had built, he had recently sold his company to another organization. The new ownership wanted to expand the existing operation, and was looking for someone with my experience. It was an excellent opportunity.

Most of my time over the last nine weeks have been dedicated to securing the position, training for it, and launching the new effort. Unfortunately, I was not able to give any time to writing during that time. Worse still, I have not been able to read your blogs on a regular basis. Now that the paying gig is moving, I believe I can start spending more…

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Some More On Self Publishing

The Arts Mechanical

I posted recently about the Author who compared self publishing to; “I’d rather share a cabin on a Disney cruise with Donald Trump than self-publish.”

Since then, some stuff came across my screen that took a rather different  point of view.  First, here’s a more even handed, if more realistic take from M.T. White(highlights added).

There are arguments for and against both. As I noted in another post, I’ve chosen to self-publish.

But legacy publishing does have some appeal. There’s a chance of a big advance, (which I think is the biggest carrot the publishers can dangle), the chance of seeing your book on the shelves at your local bookstore (most likely a Barnes & Noble if you live in the U.S.) —and face it, we all like going to the bookstore and dreamed of seeing our work on the shelves, right?—and the chance of having a bit…

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Things you hear after you take a fall

BHIB Equestrian

Taking a fall- Tom von Kapherr photography. com
Everyone has an opinion, especially after a spectacular fall from your horse. Here are a few that I’m sure sound familiar.

– From friends; “You should have seen it… You went flying! This is sooo going on Facebook/ Instagram “How not to jump!”

– Your boyfriend; “Please don’t go riding, just for a week while you recover? At least until the stitches come out. Where are you going?”

– Everyone; “That pony again? You have a death wish!”

– The doctor; “You will heal, it might leave a scar. I would recommend staying out of the saddle for at least a couple of weeks. Where are you going?”

–  Your coach; (If you fell off during a lesson) “You’re ok! You’re ok! Anything broken? Can you wiggle your toes? Right, back on! Do it again and don’t fall off this time. Keep going until you get it right.”
(If you…

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