Some More On Self Publishing

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I posted recently about the Author who compared self publishing to; “I’d rather share a cabin on a Disney cruise with Donald Trump than self-publish.”

Since then, some stuff came across my screen that took a rather different  point of view.  First, here’s a more even handed, if more realistic take from M.T. White(highlights added).

There are arguments for and against both. As I noted in another post, I’ve chosen to self-publish.

But legacy publishing does have some appeal. There’s a chance of a big advance, (which I think is the biggest carrot the publishers can dangle), the chance of seeing your book on the shelves at your local bookstore (most likely a Barnes & Noble if you live in the U.S.) —and face it, we all like going to the bookstore and dreamed of seeing our work on the shelves, right?—and the chance of having a bit…

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