Fight or Flight or ???

No Facilities

"I love the snow" “I love the snow”

The fight or flight response is ingrained in our DNA. Spinal cord, sympathetic nervous systems, adrenal medulla, the general adaptation syndrome, blah, blah, blah and a whole bunch of sciency stuff that I’m not sure we need to go into. At least not here, today. I like to leave myself room to return to the sciency stuff in the future. If you can’t wait, you can read more on Wikipedia. I want to share three stories I’ve collected that suggest that we need a third option, because some people are governed by a pathetic nervous system, or maybe a malevolent nervous system or a nervous system that is impaired.

For various reasons, mainly that I think these people have suffered enough at the hands of their own adrenal medulla, I’m not going to use real names or include links to the articles I’m quoting.

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