Goodbye 67. Hello 68!

Ann's Corner

So now I’m 68.
Just like that.
I’m amazed I am still here….

It was my birthday on Thursday and I am writing this on Saturday. I have not blogged for a while. Life has just been a bit hard around here and I slipped into a small pool of depression.


There have been deaths in my Kyuquot family. Two dear ones left this world on the same day, a brother and a sister, both with cancer. They had a double wedding, many double anniversaries, and then passed away within minutes of each other. It was a double funeral.


Another fellow had slipped away a few weeks before this, and three more I know of are dealing with cancer, one young man who has been given only a week or two to live. These events have affected me deeply.

Then my birthday arrived. A new friend in the building called…

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