By Amtrak bus and train from Torrance to Camarillo; it’s possible but can be difficult


Trip Report and Photos by Mike Palmer
Some time ago Amtrak and Caltrans extended a Thruway bus route to Torrance; it connects at Bakersfield with the San Joaquins and stops at Van Nuys along the way. I decided to check it out on March 11.

Amtk bus 5919 at Van Nuys 3-11-17

Amtrak bus 5919 is at the Van Nuys Amtrak station on March 11.

My northbound trip – Bus 5919 Torrance to Van Nuys, then train 769 Van Nuys to Camarillo was mostly fine. The bus ran on time but had few passengers: me and one other person boarded at Torrance; no one boarded at El Segundo or Westchester; 2 more boarded at UCLA. The bus was 20 minutes early to Van Nuys.

Amtk 769 at Camarillo 3-11-17
Amtrak train 769 is at the Camarillo Amtrak station on March 11.

Train 769 was on time at Van Nuys. It had some on-board problems with the head-end power – no a/c or…

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