Life is all about PAIN !!


Saponaria ( Soap-wort )

Inside the shades of pink

Deeper and deeper I sink

I am no me,within a blink !

Magnolia( Magnoliaceae )

That magical aura

Cosmopolitan Sophora

Magnolia Grandiflora !

Ixora ( West Indian Jasmine )

Sweet like jasmine

Weather like spring

Variations it bring !

Linaria ( Snapdragon Family )

Life is a dark-purple

Marks like an hour-circle

Seeks love eternal !

Echinacea( Cone Flower )

Sorts of magic in cone

Souls are already blown

Desires and dreams have grown !

Silene( Carnation Family )

Memories are data

Thoughts are chordata

Your smile is Silene Colarata !

#-Meanings-Of-Your-SMILES-In-My-Dictionary-# !!!

#Haikus #poetry #thoughts

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