Snowflakes on her hair

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Snowflakes on her hair

All like tiny stars twinkling

Slight smile and walked on

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Report: Uber, Lyft Worsening Congestion in New York City

Streetsblog NYC Feb 27, 2017

The controversy over Uber’s impact on Manhattan traffic has been settled. Uber, Lyft, and other app-based ride services are unequivocally worsening gridlock in the Manhattan core as well as northern Manhattan and the western parts of Queens and Brooklyn, according to a report released today by transportation analyst Bruce Schaller.

The new ride services, known as transportation network companies, or TNC’s, last year caused a net increase of 600 million vehicle miles traveled in the five boroughs — a 3 to 4 percent jump in citywide traffic, Schaller found. This trend marks a troubling inflection point — for the first time in many years, car-based services, not transit, account for most growth in travel.


By the Mighty Mumford

A while ago I listed,

Walking cane uses that existed…

Here are some more

Are more in store?

Some of these together are twisted.

–Jonathan Caswell


–Clearing snow off car windows with the cane handle (not for ice)

–Picking dirty socks off the floor

–Pulling rubbish close enough to reach and dispose of

–use handle as a back scratcher (said before-?)

–lifting canvas bags  by loops so wife can grab them

–long reach to press auto door opener (handicapped door)

–tapping a friend on the other shoulder

–guiding pussycats back into their apartment—attempted!

–picking shoes or slippers up

–(nothing vulgar allowed here!)

–conversation piece when one cane is…out in the car, where it is now?, why not take with you?

–walk (almost) like Charley Chaplain

–prop you up when standing too long…from whichever direction one feels am falling

–not so good on freshly mopped…

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