What’s A Hobby Shop?

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Weird title for my blog right? Dangerously, I got to thinking tonight that it won’t be long before a generation comes along and asks that very question. You see, I am on Spring Break with my family in Branson, Missouri this week. As all my trips to any new city go, I search for any local hobby shops. My searches usually end with nothing more than a Hobby Lobby. This time, however, led me to Branson Hobby Center. An actual brick and mortar hobby shop. It’s main focus is aimed at the RC or train enthusiast but they did have some plastic to look through. I was very pleased to find two Airfix Martlets as well as an Airfix Blenheim. There were quite a few more that I wanted to purchase but I resisted. Added to the three kits were two bottles of RAF Dark Earth and an AK-47 rubber-band…

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Ducks under evergreen trees


In early morning,

I am awakened by ducks,

Quacking and caterwauling,

Nearly too noisy to sleep!

Grandson, Micah, tells me he

thinks they are “having romance!”

Some may be shocked an 8 year old

who has this frame of mind,

but I remember when

Animal Kingdom ~

(Television series)

National Geographic ~


were part of my growing up

Informal sex education!

The “birds and the bees”

were never a hidden secret

around my scientific father nor

my high school teaching mother.


“Wild Kingdom” produced by

Mutual of Omaha, was hosted

From 1963 until 1985 by

the renowned Marlin Perkins.

He also was the director to

The New York Zoo in

Buffalo, New York,

the Lincoln Zoo

in Chicago, Illinois

and the St. Louis Zoo.

Thank you for not forgetting

those magical nature programs!

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Dangerous Mythology

A pale taste,

the sharp burn of empty

bowing at the worship steps

descended by a goddess

wrapped in a gown of uranium

The weak are broken

melted by a scoundrel sun

the warriors of rulers

unite in tandem

They demand

the pendulum swing

back to order

Somewhere, a gavel falls

on laws that wreck and divide

the masses hope the goddess

borrows from her softer side

and that she masters quickly

that capricious ear

least they might leave this world


Until then,

there is isolation

without comfort

and silence

to lull the terror

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