How Did CT Get Where It Is?

The Arts Mechanical

CT’s decline has been a long  slow step by step, policy by policy process.  The decline has been masked by a good economy and dependable defense contracts, but in the end the decline is the result of not watching the goose that lays golden eggs’ health and indeed feeding it slow poison.

When California looks like greener pastures, CT has a real problem.  I’m sure, from personal experience, that the kind of people that Mr. Vaughn was looking for are available. maybe not the young bucks in the Valley, but hardened experienced Software engineers with great talent.  I don’t think that that was the real problem though. The real problem is how much crap goes with actually hiring anybody.  Any job has overhead and CT goes out of it’s way to make that pain as large as possible for those in business.  Any business in CT has to deal with the…

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Finding Resources

Struggling to Thrive

Having a child with medical or other special needs can be overwhelming and expensive. Not knowing where to find resources is a common reason children and parents don’t get the support they require. I wish I could transfer everything I’ve learned over the past few years to you. My book is a great resource, but even it doesn’t cover everything exhaustively. Trying to address every challenge all in one place would have made it so vast and unwieldy it would’ve been unreadable.

To address this, I’m going to list a few places where you can go to start looking for resources regardless of what medical or developmental need your child might have. If one of the places here doesn’t help feel free to contact me through this website. If I don’t know the answer, I might know someone who does.

  1. Early Intervention Services. Children under three with developmental delays…

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