Angel Baby : RIP Rosie Hamlin – A once and future wonder

The Immortal Jukebox

‘[Angel Baby] … This is by a 15 year old girl from National City California named Rosie. This is going to be a hit Guys and Gals’ – DJ Alan Freed on K-Day Radio, November 1960.

‘This here is one of my all time favourite songs. Send my love to Rosie – wherever she may be’ (John Lennon)

I was saddened today to learn of the death of Rosie Hamlin at the age of 71.

In tribute I am reblogging my post on her classic song, ‘Angel Baby’.

Sometimes when the stars and tides are in perfect alignment and the Muses are indulgent a moment of inspiration can visit an artist who may never be granted such a blessing again.

So it was with Rosie.

Yet, we cannot live on Bach, Bob Dylan and The Beatles alone!

Rosie’s moment of glory will live forever because it captures an eternal yearning…

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Beneath the Surface (Chapter 7)

James Harringtons Creative Work


The interview took over an hour. Alex got up and began pacing around the room. Every minute that went by felt like an eternity. What could he be asking her? Does her believe her? More importantly, would he be able to help her if he did.

The door finally opened and Father Moran appeared, “Forgive me, Tersa doesn’t want to come inside.”

Sgt. McConnel got up and headed for the door, “How is she?”

“I need to talk to Alex before I make any judgement, but I think you should join your daughter.”

The police officer nodded and stepped by the old preist. Father Moran turned to Alex and nodded, “It’s best if you come into my office.”

Alex got up and followed Father Moran into the next room. As the preist closed the door, Alex studied his surroundings as he stepped inside. The office had the same wood…

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Dependable Travel Around The Orlando Magical With Your Family

Atlantic Transportation Group | Orlando Transportation

Transportation in Orlando


Atlantic Transportation Group (ATG) offer exclusive transportation and travelling arrangements, Transportation in Orlando gives solid and modified official, corporate and family travel strategies. Therefore, this consistent constantly change the value point and intended to be as reasonable as could be expected under the circumstances. While many organizations trust that the world extravagance permits them to privilege extremely charge its clients, Atlantic Transportation Group trusts that extravagance can be similarly as reasonable as it is agreeable. Atlantic Transportation Group has an assortment of private vehicles available for any of your transportation needs all through Orlando and enveloping regions. Subsequently of these over 11 years of experience, the organization has kept on making and adjust their strategy for success and better suit the clients that they get benefit. The majority of the vehicles inside the Orlando Transportation armada are forward as far as support, and an ineffectively kept auto will never…

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Snow in Cleveland, Ohio


What to do in the snow

includes making a snowman.

Here’s a list going around the ‘net,

“Lessons from a Snowman

* It’s okay to wear white after

Labor Day!

* Simply hanging out in your yard

is fun!

* Accessories don’t have to be fancy

or expensive!

* We’re all mostly made of water.

* You know you’ve arrived when a

song is written for you!

* So what if you’re a little

bottom heavy?

* Don’t get too much sun!

* Sweating too much can be disastrous.”

*** author unknown ***

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