Are you too experiencing a mental burn out?

That Mate


Are you experiencing –

Stress? Insomnia? Anxiety? Irritation? Anger? Depression?

Forgetfulness? Low motivation? Poor concentration? Attention deficiency?

Low performance? Negativity in your behaviour?

Poor appetite? Constant feelings of tiredness and fatigue?

Wondering why?

Have you noticed how extra heating burns the toast?

Similarly, extra mental exertion burns out the mind.


Burnout is the loss of motivation, a growing sense of emotional depletion, cynicism and a state of vital exhaustion.

So how can you fuel your mind, and keep it running to the best of its capacity? Here are a few tips we have for you:

  1. Check your stress levels – Are you feeling anxious, worried, frustrated, helpless? You can get yourself tested.
  2. Self-Introspection – Ask yourself, “Why am I burning out?”
  3. Socialize outside your professional group.
  4. Rediscover nature and spend some more time in natural surroundings like gardens, waterfalls, beaches and the like.

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