“I don’t know” is a beautiful thing.

White Padded Room

I laugh a lot at my “brain fog.”

For example, I was trying to explain the following picture to my dad the other day as he was helping me with groceries. Groceries are no longer something I can do on my own.


And out stumbled the phrase “Jesus and his impossibles…” not once, not twice, but three times. I know it’s funny, but I have my own set of neurological symptoms along with what I and my doctor believe is CFS. I have seizures. I did my hair today and will need 7 hours of rest to recover from that much time spent in front of a mirror with my hands in the air. My family visited today. That means I will be spending the next 12-24 hours in bed. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s the way it’s always been. It is NOT fun.

I still don’t know if…

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Shopaholic Does Spring OOTD


Hi everyone and welcome to a beautiful spring OOTD brought to you by everyone’s favorite, Nida, from Shopaholic Blogs! Nida was the very first guest blogger that I ever had on lifewithlilred and from the beginning, I have always just adored her. I relish when I can have her back on my blog because her amazing work really does speak for itself. Not only that, but she is an amazing friend, too! Please be sure to check out her fantastic page and enjoy this OOTD that she created special for my Think Spring guest bloggers series:

Shopaholic Does Spring OOTD

Hello Lovelies 💞

I am so excited and honored to be guest blogging for the lovely Sarah from lifewithlilred again. In fact, this year also marks the one year anniversary of our friendship and our blogging collaborations. 🎉 For this post, Sarah picked the “Spring” theme and after many deliberations I…

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