Detroit Terminal Railway

Of the 20,000 shares of capital stock issued by the Detroit Terminal Railroad Company, one-fourth was owned by the Michigan Central Railroad Company; one-fourth by the New York Central Railroad Company and one-half by the Grand Trunk Western Railroad Company.

The Detroit Terminal Railroad Company incorporated Dec. 7, 1905 and was a switching line at Detroit. It was merged May 1, 1984, into Conrail.

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Trump’s New FCC Chairman Lets Internet Server Providers Sell Your Private Data Without Your Consent

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Yes, It will be once again easier for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell your personal data for marketing or advertisement purposes without taking your permission.

Last October, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed a set of privacy rules on ISPs that restrict them from sharing your online data with third parties without your consent and require them to adopt “reasonable measures” to protect consumers’ data from hackers.However, now the FCC suspended privacy rules before they came into effect,the reason? President Donald Trump’s newly appointed FCC chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican and ex-Verizon lawyer.

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Well Well, Its not as if we didn’t know that the government monitors what we do but now the…

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Port Canaveral Transportation

Transportation Port Canaveral

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