Hello folks!

It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? Yeah…

To be honest, January and February have been a one crazy crazy ride. So much things happened, so much had to be done, so much was felt and thought about. I’ve been really busy with school and competitions in judo and some school subjects, plus a lot of marks and grades had to bet taken by teachers…

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And what probably got me the most was constant fear of losing Leo. Literally, I’ve become obsessed with it. I kinda felt stupid about it, because before I always believed that I don’t need a boy to tell me that he loves me. And I wasn’t wrong, I can live without that. Easily. But yet, Leo is not just someone to tell me that he loves me. He is a lot of more. Kind of more I can’t really imagine to loose.

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Grand Central Terminal and the New York City Subway

This page is our gateway to New York City. Find out about the New York Central Railroad‘s Grand Central Terminal. Explore the fabulous New York City Subway System. Learn who Robert Moses. was and his impact on New York City. Understand New York City transit planning, West Side Freight Line (the “High Line”)and St Johns terminal. The New Haven Railroad and the Long Island Railroadreached into New York City. Did you know the Lehigh Valley Railroad even went into New York City (by ferry). Learn about the Jenney Plan to bring commuters into New York City and finally explore mysterious track 61 at Grand Central Terminal with its relationship to Presidents of the United States.

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