Good Morning,Sunshine🔆

The Godly Chic Diaries

I’m hoping to nail just about the right balance of being enthusiastic and motivated but I’m just a tad bit below obnoxiously *chipper.*

You see friends, I honestly try to be a morning person. I routinely wake up at 5:00 -5:15 am, for university. However, I’m NOT lazy and I’m definitely NOT a night owl. Mornings may be rough, but I hold off on sleeping in. I’ve come to understand that not everyone shares the same disposition as me, during those obnoxious hours.:?

However, try as I might, it seems no matter how early I set my alarm, I always end up wrestling with the snooze button.(one too many times) And, I know it’s basically un-human to not hit snooze.? I somehow slip away as I catch another 5-10 minutes of my Zzzs in my cloud of warm mattress hugging me.

After much thought,this all came as a revelation to…

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