Worshiping Satan to ‘correct’ God ? !!

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By now it is ( or it should be ) quite clear to us all… that there is going to be….World War Three, assuming of course that it has not already…started ( Syria ). Only thing not clear about it is….the timing, when it is going to happen 2 years….20 years…200…years ?

Another thing very clear about it…. is…. that it is going to be on the basis of… religionS  !! Good thing or bad thing about it is….there is nothing to worry about… as there are going to be neither winners ( to celebrate ) nor losers ( to regret ). Total Loss. Religion ( or religions ) will see to it that there is… a Total Annihilation. As if Religion alone was not sufficient enough as the Cake of Destruction, a deadly Icing in the form of Petro – dollar was added on Top.



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Philadelphia Art Museum

Experience a world of wonder as you view the Museum’s internationally renowened collections of nearly 225,000 works of art. See Thomas Eakins’ The Gross Clinic. It is regarded by many art critics as the best examplev of 19th Century American Art. Even WalMart couldn’t buy it!! The people of Philadelphia came together to keep in in Philadelphia.

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My Stock in the Warwick Valley Railroad

Recently a good friend of mine found a stock certificate for the Warwick Valley Rail Road Company. I knew a little bit about it and decided to investigate even further. The Lehigh & Hudson River began as a small line, the Warwick Valley Railroad that connected the town of Warwick, NY with the Erie Railroad at Greycourt, NY. The line expanded south into New Jersey, and in 1882 the Warwick Valley and its affiliates merged to become the L&HR. The line extended from Belvidere, NJ to Maybrook, NY where the New Haven Railroad provided a gateway to New England. The L&HR built a bridge between Phillipsburg, NJ and Easton, PA and ran via trackage rights on the Pennsylvania RR and the Jersey Central Railroad to Allentown, PA. The L&HR handled zinc traffic from the area around Franklin, NJ but mostly it was a bridge line carrying overhead freight. The mergers and abandonments of the 1960 did the L&HR harm, but the New York Central – PRR merger in 1968 caused much traffic to be diverted. The line went bankrupt in 1972 and inclusion in Conrail spelled the end in 1976. The line north of Sparta Jct. became part of the New York, Susquehanna & Western main line in 1982 and the line south of that point was abandoned by Conrail in 1986.


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5 Inspiring Rag-to-Riches Stories of Entrepreneurs

Alexis Chateau PR

Every entrepreneur dreams of being successful. And though we all define success differently, our general goals are the same. We want to be financially sound. We want recognition for our company, and our personal contribution to its success. We want to be happy.

But for those of us who took the leap of faith and embarked on that journey of entrepreneurship, as new obstacles present themselves, success sometimes moves farther and farther away.

At that point, we all need some rags-to-riches stories to re-motivate us. So here are five to keep you going!

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren revolutionized the world of men’s fashion, when he decided men needed more and better options for their classy, business looks.

Forbes estimates that he is now worth over $5 billion dollars, but Lauren had much humbler beginnings. This fashion icon grew up in Bronx, and later dropped out of college to become an Army Reserve.

He then…

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