5 Inspiring Rag-to-Riches Stories of Entrepreneurs

Alexis Chateau PR

Every entrepreneur dreams of being successful. And though we all define success differently, our general goals are the same. We want to be financially sound. We want recognition for our company, and our personal contribution to its success. We want to be happy.

But for those of us who took the leap of faith and embarked on that journey of entrepreneurship, as new obstacles present themselves, success sometimes moves farther and farther away.

At that point, we all need some rags-to-riches stories to re-motivate us. So here are five to keep you going!

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren revolutionized the world of men’s fashion, when he decided men needed more and better options for their classy, business looks.

Forbes estimates that he is now worth over $5 billion dollars, but Lauren had much humbler beginnings. This fashion icon grew up in Bronx, and later dropped out of college to become an Army Reserve.

He then…

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