By the Mighty Mumford

It’s time for the silly to end,

Have compassion, friend…

Teens are all alone

Even at home,

What hope do they have to pretend?

Did you try once, too,

Deep despairing–did you?

Random creation

Leaves no association,

On which they can hang onto!

Dying before parents’ eyes,

Is it really any surprise?

Told to jump in

To total sin,

Any way that the schools legalize!

Gay boys and men near the top

Of suicides that won’t stop…

Addictive but of great harm,

Liberals enjoy the swarm—

Of this lifestyle that often ends with a “chop!”

God cares, but He’s implicated,

By hateful souls who have stated…

God is none at all–

Only to themselves they’ll fall–

Deliberately blind, ‘though “educated!”

An opinion piece!

by Jonathan Caswell

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The D&H in Oneonta

During the steam days and for some time afterards, Oneonta was a busy yard for trains both out of Binghamton and Wilkes Barre. It was also an engine change point and crew change point and had a huge roundhouse. The roundhouse fell into disuse after the Alco RS-3’s took over. Eventually, traffic patterns changed and the yard at Oneonta was more or less replaced by a rebuilt facility at Binghamton and the crews were run through between Binghamton and Saratoga or maybe Mohawk Yard in Schenectady and Binghamton. The last major activity in Oneonta was probably the car shop which after the CP takeover was shut down and replaced by facilities elsewhere.

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