What is it about me………, Lord? 

Essential Balance

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why do you love me Lord? Out of all people why me? What is it about me Lord, that makes you love me so much?

I asked God this today and I was not prepared for the amount of emotions this would bring. Tears did not just come down my face, NO tears flooded down my face. I felt so many emotions at ones and with it no understanding why God would choose me!!!

And then God started to explain to me why I had gone through so much hardship in my last relationship and life. Let me take you onto this journey of a story that exceeds any kind of love we have ever experienced.

When I woke up this morning things were different, I did not follow my usual routine of greeting God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit first thing and…

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By the Mighty Mumford

A gerbil wheel bigger for cats,

Who will be lab rats…

A cat like a dog–

Miles and miles logged,

Measured in lots of watts.

This puss is on the track team,

Catches mice fast and clean…

Catnip is strong

Didn’t think this long,

She’d be running full force—but I’ve been seeing!

Hurts me to so that cat sprint,

So doing for entertainment…

The gif repeats

She’s light on her “feets”,

It’s time for her torturer to relent!


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Patrons Upset With Trump Administration Over AMTRAK Long Distance


The current California RailPAC Newsletter is just CRAWLING with upset riders over Washington’s handeling of long distance AMTRAK.

Pictured above, this is the eastbound California Zephyr stopping at Colfax on April 20th. One passenger got off and 13 got on including one person with a sleeper. The Zephyr this time of year runs with 3 coaches and 2 usually full sleepers. Think what they could do with more cars!

The DesMoines Register: Tell Congress to choo, choo, choose rail service. On my way home from Sacramento, Calif., last month, I saw scores of passengers board Amtrak’s California Zephyr at Osceola, Ottumwa and Mount Pleasant. And this was on a Thursday in March! Even though the train bypasses Iowa’s largest cities, it remains very popular. Yet the Donald Trump administration wants to kill the Zephyr as well as every other long-distance train. We should be improving rail passenger service, as…

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Can Amtrak bar NJ Transit from Northeast Corridor if state withholds rent?


Governor Chris Christie (best known for George Washington Bridge) posed this question and NJ.com covered the story.

NJ Transit pays Amtrak $93 million a year so that more than 400 of its trains can use the Northeast Corridor, but Gov. Chris Christie wants to stop making the lease payment until he gets answers to maintenance questions after an April 3 derailment in Penn Station…
NJ Transit paid $62 million for maintenance for 2016, in a lump sum payment after executing a contract with Amtrak in February, spokesperson Nancy Snyder said. That payment wasn’t late under the agreement, she said.

NJ Transit officials are waiting for an invoice from Amtrak for this year’s $74 million maintenance payment. That bill will be reviewed and, once any discrepancies have been reconciled, NJ Transit will make arrangements to pay, Snyder said. Amtrak officials said NJ Transit makes monthly rent payments.

At the same time…

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