North Louisiana one step closer to having a passenger railway


From MyArkLaMiss via California Rail News

Not everybody is on board yet but northern Lousiana is one step closer to having a passenger railway for the first time in more than 40 years. Southern Rail Commissioner Knox Ross says that Governor John Bel Edwards supports extending Amtrak Service through Ruston and Monroe and negotiations are underway with Amtrak and other freight railways to put this plan in action.

Knox Ross says “all of our cities, especially Shreveport and Monroe, air service is an issue, bus service is an issue. It’s hard to get anywhere. They need another alternative.”

Ross says a test run could come as early as next fall with stops in Shreveport and Monroe. Amtrak would extend it’s services to help I-20 passengers travel from Atlanta all the way to Dallas.

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Where I find my inspiration to write

Ed A. Murray

You could ask any writer. I’m sure they could tell you how they begin their writing process.

Maybe inspiration strikes like lightning—the entire story, right there in their mind, neatly wrapped with a bow. Maybe they have a nugget of an idea and begin to expand from there. Maybe they have a notion of an interesting main character and build the plot around him or her.

For me, it starts with place.

The most crucial aspects to the stories that I write regard the development of the characters and the setting. Many authors would disagree with this. They would argue that plot development is key, and from there you need to create characters and place around it. To each his own, I guess.

Northern Michigan is where I am inspired. It is far underrepresented in literature, in my opinion. Sure, you can read Hemingway’s The Torrents of Spring, or Steve Hamilton’s

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Guest Post from Sitting in the Clouds: How To Cope with the Disney Blues 

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

Today, I have another guest post, and this time it is the blogger ofSitting in the Clouds, Rachel. Rachel not only blogs about Disney, she blogs about beauty, books, and lifestyle. Definitely go check out her amazing blog by clicking on the blue link above because it is amazing and so entertaining! Today, Rachel will be giving tips on how to cope with the Disney blues!

If any of you are like me, once you’re at Disney, you’ll never want to leave Disney. You’ll leave the parks for the last time, eyes blurry with tears as the parade music blares out of the speakers. You’ll get back to your hotel and have to pack up your things, you’ll step upon the Magical Express and that’s where the water works will start and you won’t be able to stop. Why? Disney creates so many magical memories that you…

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