Major Construction Projets For 2017


New York City’s Second Avenue Subway

The Second Avenue Subway phase one construction is complete, allowing this transportation project to actually open to the public in 2017. This will be New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) first major expansion project in 50 years. The Second Avenue Subway was first discussed back in the 1910s but delayed after the Great Depression struck. With a lack of post-war funding, construction didn’t start until 1972 but was again stopped in 1975 thanks to another fiscal crisis.

According to the MTA, “The Second Avenue Subway reduces overcrowding and delays on the Lexington Avenue line, improving travel for both city and suburban commuters, and provides better access to mass transit for residents of the far East Side of Manhattan.”

Work did restart 32 years later in 2007. At that point, the MTA promised the project’s first phase would be open by 2017, and that…

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