On My Bookshelf: Weight Watchers Smart Points Cookbook


Weight Watchers Smart Points Cookbook by Rosie Daniels

Little description:Weight Watchers Recipes- The Ultimate Resource for Rapid Weight Loss!

Get ready for delicious and nutritious recipes. Nutrition facts and Smart Points are included in the recipes! Lose weight the smart way with Smart Points. This book contains proven recipes that are strategic for rapid weight loss. These recipes are perfect for everyday use or special occasions. This book is concise and beginner friendly, but valuable at the same time. You will find plenty of delectable recipes to enjoy. Take the effort out of weight loss and add the fun of cooking and eating.

What will you find in this book?

  • Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes
  • Weight Watchers Soup Recipes
  • Weight Watchers Salad Recipes
  • Weight Watchers Meat Recipes
  • Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes

You should start cooking healthy recipes today because you owe it to yourself! These recipes were designed for you…

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