I do believe in you.

Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Dear human,

I do believe in you.
I do believe in that me within you which is infinite and wholesome.
Which is the most powerful and fully content.
I do believe in your dream and ambition.
I do believe in your desire and fantasy.
I do believe in you even when you get confused and captured by clouds of worries and resentment.
I do believe in you and your inherent goodness.
I do believe in your deep strength and ability to re-bounce.
I do believe in you when you start losing faith in yourself.
All those times, I do believe in you.

yours sincerely,
Pure consciousness

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The Trail people want the tracks gone; they’ll rip ’em out themselves!


More cool stuff on the section of the Adirodack Railroad that Governor Cuomo stuck his nose into.

Some of the Trail Advocates have actually said they would start tearing up the tracks as soon as the trains stopped running last Fall. And one of the trail planning groups even suggested that individuals actually go and do that.

Can you imagine the disaster that would create for the professional rail removers the State would contract. I can see a bunch of people rush to the nearest piece of track and start tearing it out. Then after a few minutes, realize that tearing out rails is actually hard work and just drop everything where it is, and leave little gaps here and there where rails are missing or thrown off to the side.

The Judge immediately put in place a Ceast and Desist Order, which he should, so nothing can be done…

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Amtrak says Penn Station repairs could cause major delays, cancellations


An Amtrak crew working to repair track damage at Penn Station after an April 3 derailment. Amtrak officials said more work is planned for Penn Station which could cause train delays and cancellations

Tens of thousands of New Jersey commuters who ride NJ Transit to and from Penn Station New York could face massive delays Amtrak officials told the New York Times because the agency says it needs to make urgent repairs that could shut down several tracks at a time.
The repairs are work beyond an ongoing project to build a new concrete foundation on track 7, which has been blamed for Monday’s delays.

“We are putting together plans to renew the infrastructure at New York Penn Station that will result in some delays and cancellations,” said Christina Leeds, an Amtrak spokeswoman. “This renewal effort will replace and rejuvenate the selected infrastructure providing needed updates, and is different than…

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