A final elevated train shines on Ninth Avenue

Ephemeral New York

You can almost hear this elevated train grinding against the tracks as it makes its way up (or down?) Ninth Avenue.

The Ninth Avenue El (which traveled along Greenwich Street to Ninth Avenue and then to Columbus Avenue) was the city’s first elevated railroad, ferrying passengers since 1868.

Andreas Feininger captured the solitary steel beauty of the tracks as they glisten under the sun in this photo in 1940, the year the line shut down.

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San Diego County Tests New Projects April 29-30


During the weekend of April 29-30th Rail service was shut down in San Diego County for work on several rail related projects. One of these projects was for testing the new 3rd track and switches at the Oceanside Transit Center. Here is a Coaster trainset on the new 3rd station track on April 30th running past the new station platform. Photo by Noel T. Braymer

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