By the Mighty Mumford

How did this come to pass,

A poet thinking words trashed…

Are worth only that

Considered old hat,

Not valued as in the past.

If I could have traveled,

Preventing her unraveled…

But I’m stuck here–

Sorry, my dear–

My coming is effectively gaveled!

Middens are places for trash,

Archaeologists search for past…

But for rats

It’s for their splats,

Nothing with wit or panache.

–Jonathan Caswell

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The Maybrook Line Crosses Dutchess County


New Haven’s Maybrook Line Crosses Harlem Division of New York Central.
Aerial view of the “crooked bridge”.

Maybrook Line bridge at Towners in 1937. The Maybrook Line crosses over the NYC Harlem line at an angle so the bridge is “crooked”.

Fran Donovan collection.

Postcard view of Towners NY about 1910. Look just to the right of the station. There is a second train coming across the “crooked bridge” over the Harlem line.

See more about the Maybrook Line across Dutchess County


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Poughkeepsie Bridge After The Fire


Poughkeepsie Bridge after Fire

The “Maybrook Line” was important to New England before the advent of Penn Central and before the Poughkeepsie Bridge burned. This piece of the railroad carried freight from Maybrook Yard, across the Poughkeepsie Bridge to Hopewell Junction where it joined a line from Beacon. The railroad then went to Brewster, then Danbury, and finally to Cedar Hill Yard in New Haven.

See the effects of this fire on Eastern Railroading.

2009 and the Poughkeepsie Bridge Walkway is Open. The fellow in yellow jacket carrying a banjo is Pete Seeger.

Find out more on the Poughkeepsie Bridge Fire


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