Need a Gift for Mother’s Day? Best Gift Ideas for People who want to make a Happy Mother’s Day come true! Or a list for people who need a little help…..

Kevin Hellriegel's Blog of Worthless Advice

If you are sensitive, or don’t understand satire, stop reading now. This blog post will probably offend you and you’ll be all up on arms. You’ll say stuff like “Oh, you’ve gone too far.” “Oh, he must hate his wife.” “Oh, I’m pretty sure he will be dead by the time I finish reading this post because his wife will probably have killed him by now.”

Terrible gift ideas – it’s what you love and live for! Here’s a start…things to avoid…

Clothes – you can’t dress yourself. What makes you think you can buy clothes for your wife?

A picture of your dick – yeah, she knows you have a dick and that’s why she’s a mother. She doesn’t need to see the reminder of her prison sentence. She just had to look at her wedding ring to remind herself why her life sucks.

Anything to do with cleaning:…

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