Birch beer and it’s year ~ 1891


~ 1891 ~

Creamy red

birch beer, mild,

light and refreshing,

a very interesting year.

Sad occurrences:

Jewish people are “expelled”

from Moscow, Russia.

British ship, “Utopia,”

sinks with 574 lives lost.

3000 died in West Sudan

during French invasion.

109 coal miners killed in

Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

200 people and 6000 animals

died in the Blizzard of 1891.

Happy and artsy events include

Oscar Wilde’s theatre debut

of “Duchess of Padua.”

Henrik Ibsen’s premiere

of “Hedda Gabler” in Oslo.

Artist painter Gauguin leaves

Marseille to live in Tahiti.

Natural wonders of firsts:

Asparagus transported to

San Francisco from Sacramento.

First Buffalo purchased for the

Golden Gate Park.

Governmental changes:

Nebraska adopts concept

of an 8 hour workday.

U.S. Congress creates both

Treasury Department and

the Courts of Appeals.

Last Hawaiian monarch,

Queen Liliuokalani crowned.

Sports news:

Oscar Grunden makes

World record in ice skating,

500 meters in 50.8 seconds.

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