Art Of The Week: Rob Higgs

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I did a post with Higgs’ corkscrew a while back, but his stuff is certainly worthy of an “art of the week.”

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Loosely Connected to Greatness #WATWB

Amazing Lady!

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Katherine Johnson

I remember hearing a story on NPR last year about a book, “The Rise of the Rocket Girls” which told the story about women who had been recruited into service at NASA’s predecessor agency, The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) to perform mathematical calculations before computers were commonplace. I thought about reading that book, but I quickly forgot that thought.

Almost a year later, part of that story arrived in my inbox, courtesy of my alma mater and the WVU Alumni Association. The story that I am linking to today for WATWB is about Katherine Johnson. Katherine Johnson is a black female physicist and mathematician. A fellow graduate of WVU, a leader in the work that put men into space and, on the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, helped bring them safely home. She is also a recipient of the 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom award.

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Southern California Metrolink Trains Now Allow Surfboards


US News & World Report via California Rail News

Catch a wave — after you catch a train.

Surfers can now bring their boards along when taking Southern California’s Metrolink train service to the beach.

The railroad said Thursday it has added surfboard storage to cars that previously were designated for bicycles.

Metrolink says every train on all lines will have a bike-and-board car, each with room for five surfboards

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