A Sojourn in Madness

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

Photo source: http://images.all-free-download.com/images/graphiclarge/cloud_dawn_dusk_evening_field_grass_landscape_light_600209.jpg

One morning I run away
I’ve had enough
Of waiting for things to fall into place
They almost never do
And when they do it is too late
I already cursed the tricks of fate

I leave them all
My worries, fears, and doubts
I cast away
My faith, hopes, and dreams
I only bring the clothes on my back
And the first letter of your name

The journey is dark and long
And sadder than our song
The cold is merciless
It seeps to my bones
I wish I can go back to the light
I wish I did not take this flight

But the look in your eyes
They haunt me still
The finality in your gaze
Was more certain
Than the words you said
And those left unsaid

So I trudge on and on
Until I find a soft spot to sleep
A carpet…

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