Why Does Subway Construction Cost So Much In NY City?


Rdership increases, delays increase and the 22 subway lines led by the MTA don’t seemm to know what to do.

Governor Cuomo and the MTA Board released an updated version of the authority’s five-year capital plan. The plan allocates $14.5 billion toward the subways, which includes ample funding for expansion projects—like a cool $1.735 billion towards the full-length extension of the Second Avenue Subway.

Cuomo is concentrating on the “showy” opening on new lines and new stations. But what about outdated, archaic signaling system? It does not make for media events with parties, etc.

The cost per kilometer in New York is the highest in the World.

New Yorkers may not be getting an updated signaling system in the subway any time soon—that could take up to 50 years and cost $20 billion. If you’re wondering where that money is going, look no further than projects like the Second Avenue…

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