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June 6, 1944

Eastern Shore native and 115th Infantry Regiment D-Day survivor Jimmy Ewing:

“The 116th (another 29th Infantry Division regiment who had trained with the 115th in Scotland), out of the Virginia National Guard, were in the initial assault.

“If you’ve seen movies like The Longest Day, Saving Private Ryan, they’re pretty accurate (depicting) what they did (at Omaha Beach in Normandy). They were pinned down, slaughtered. It was bad.  The Germans were dug in, had fortifications, machine guns, light artillery. (The first wave of forces) were sitting ducks.

“But they got a foothold.”

Operation Overlord, the official codename for the Invasion of Normandy, began with the landing of a large number of attack transports and the first soldiers of the 116th Infantry storming the beach at 0630. The catastrophic losses suffered by that regiment’s community on that fateful morning led to…

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We Should Never Allow Science to be Defeated by Fake News


Why the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is an affront to science, our planet, and our future generations.

As Donald Trump pulls the plug on the United States’ involvement in the Climate Change Agreement, ISWA President Antonis Mavropoulos makes it very clear that this is an affront to science, our planet and to our future generations.

The International Solid Waste Association stands with all the industrial and political leaders who have since spoken out against this dangerous action.

The recent announcement that the US is leaving the Paris Accord is a decision that will create huge profits for the fossil fuels industry and huge costs for the whole planet, especially for the poorest and more vulnerable countries and populations.

It demonstrates how vulnerable and politically fragile is a landmark agreement that took many years to be developed. It highlights that the available tools and mechanisms for a global response…

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