Caring for Tools

No Facilities

Dad would never let this happen

As I explained yesterday, Father’s Day caught me off-guard this year. I think that’s OK. Father’s Day might be the official day that I think about my dad, but it’s far from the only day. I was thinking about my dad a few days ago when Maddie and I walked by that scene at the right. If I had left his tools outside, overnight, well, that’s just it, I wouldn’t have. If he had seen that toolbox, I would have been out there, in the dark, putting those tools away properly in the toolbox and bringing the toolbox inside. This I know – from experience.

I was planning an elaborate post around that toolbox, and the memory it evoked, but now, I realize that that isn’t necessary. The fact of the matter is, I see my father’s influence in the way I think about…

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